Thanks and Welcome

At some point during the past few months, you signed up for the first version of The Ultimate ChatGPT Prompt for Affiliates. I hope it has been of good use for you.

ChatGPT has of course continued its constant evolution, so I gathered an update of the report was needed. But instead of just updating the bits that needed updating, I went in and did a complete rewrite of the report.

And, of course you get this updated version as well. Just as you will get any further updates in the future. As long as you stay subscribed of course, that is ;-)

Here's Your Report

Quickly hit the image below to download the new and updated The Ultimate ChatGPT Prompt for Affiliates report.

Special opportunity for you as an existing subscriber

So, I'm pretty pleased with how this version turned out, and I have decided to create a special version that is rebrandable - that is, the link inside promoting my Marketer's Stash membership can be exchanged for your affiliate link, and you get permission to give away the report for free.

I still have a bit of work to do on this version - but as an existing subscriber, you get the version as a perk. So be on the lookout for an email from me about this rebrandable version, and how you get your hands on it.

Did You Miss Anything?

Probably not, since you're here after all :-D

But - I did just pre-launch this new membership, so if you're interested, do click below to check it out. Personally, I think it's quite cool...