2024 New Year Pre-Launch Special

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Online Marketing with...

Revolutionize Your Marketing Skills with Exclusive Access to Expert Lessons, Cutting-Edge Courses, and Powerful Tools Designed for Success

Are You Overwhelmed and Struggling?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the rapidly changing landscape of online marketing? Are you struggling to keep up with both the work and the techniques and tools needed? You're not alone.

Many marketers face these challenges, feeling lost in the sea of information or stuck with outdated methods that no longer yield results. 

This struggle can lead to missed opportunities and stagnation in your marketing career. And for many it ends up in complete failure.

Introducing 'The Marketer's Stash' – your ultimate solution to these challenges.

We've meticulously curated a comprehensive suite of resources that empower you to stay at the forefront of online marketing

With our weekly lessons, bi-weekly video courses, monthly DFY email sequences, exclusive advertising site access, and free entry to top-tier marketing products like the AI Marketing School, you'll have everything you need to excel.

Each element of our membership is designed to not only keep you updated but also to enhance your skills, creativity, and efficiency in the dynamic world of online marketing.

Waiting For You on the Inside:

Coaching Series

Every week, you'll receive a new, evergreen coaching lesson, that will give you insight into both marketing and yourself

Video Training

Every second Friday, you'll get access to a full video course

DFY Email Sequences

Each and every month, you'll receive access to a new email sequence

Advertising Sites

Lifetime Top-Level Upgrades at two advertising sites I own and operate

Free Products / Great Discounts

Whenever I release a New Product, you'll either get a steep discount, or for some you'll get access completely free

Tons More Stuff Coming

There's a LOT more planned for this site - and you get it all included

Everything You Need In One Handy Place

Welcome to 'The Marketer's Stash', a uniquely crafted membership site tailored for the ambitious online marketer.

In today's fast-paced digital world, staying ahead means constantly evolving your skills and strategies.

That's where we come in. Our platform offers an unparalleled collection of resources, tools, and insights to skyrocket your marketing prowess and drive real results

But... What is it Exactly You're Getting?

1) Weekly Coaching

Once per week, you will have your coaching lesson delivered directly to your email. Expect about an hours worth of true entrepreneurial development. Evergreen lessons that is focused on core aspects of building an online business for the long haul, not simply trying to exploit the latest fad that will be gone tomorrow.

2) Video Courses 

Every 2nd Friday, a new, full video-course will be accessible for you. Top notch training in both marketing skills and the art of developing and expanding yourself.

Some of the courses already in your membership area:

3) DFY Email Sequences 

On the first day of every month, a new multi-part DFY email sequence is added, providing you with ready-made, top-quality content for your own autoresponders.

These series are already waiting for you inside:

4) Top Level Upgrades 

You will receive Lifetime Top-Level Upgrades at the following sites. And more will be added, as I launch or take over new sites.

5) Free Product Access 

You will instantly receive access to the following membership site - and whenever I create a new product, you will qualify for either free access or a steep discount.

6) New Feature Access

I have tons of plans for more stuff to add inside the member's area.

And as a member, you will of course get access to all new features, the moment they are added.

*Sigh* - Here It Comes...

OK - here would be where I would turn up the sales pitch, tightening the thumbscrews, telling you why you really cannot live without The Marketer's Stash. Why your whole existence would be futile without it, and how buying this would magically turn you into a success story overnight, without you having to do anything at all.

Now, apart from such practices being nothing but simple manipulation (i.e. convincing you to do something you really, rather would not do) - have you noticed one thing about such claims on salespages here, there, and everywhere?


Success doesn't come overnight, and there's certainly nothing magical about it.

Success requires 3 things, really.

  1. A focus, a vision, and/or a viable plan
  2. Knowledge about how to bring the plan to succesful fruition
  3. And a ****load of HARD work

So - all I'm going to say here is, to the best of my knowledge, everything I've crammed into The Marketer's Stash (and everything else I'll be cramming into it over the coming years) is focused on helping you with regards to points 1 and 2 above. But you have to bring #3 yourself, and be willing to stick to it even when things get hard and you begin to doubt youself and your ability to pull through.

I promise, I'll be at your side all the way through. If that sounds reasonable...


Get the Best Start for 2024

This will be the only time ever to get a membership at The Marketer's Stash for a one-time payment this low.

After I launch the site to the wider public the starting price will be $19.95/month and rising...

So, hurry up and get everything without ever having to worry about any membership fees again

And the Price?...



$77 / OneTime

Free 7 Day Trial - then just

$19.95 / Month

$8.45 / Month


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. Check out the site for 30 days, and if you're not completely satisfied by then, just let me know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Morten L. Nielsen

Frequently Asked Questions

Will You Really Add All Your Coming Sites & Products

Yes absolutely. Let me add a small caveat - some of the sites and products will be added with free access - and some will have you qualifying for a huge discount (as a minimum 50%)

I'm already a member of another of your sites. Do I get a rebate?

No, not as such.

But - if you're already an upgraded member at one of my sites, get in touch with me after you've joined The Marketer's Stash, and I'll provide you with some extra goodies

Will The Marketer's Stash still be here in 6 months? In a year?

The Marketer's Stash is going to be at the centre of everything I do going forward. It will figure as an upsell in all product-launches and lead-campaigns. And while none of us can foresee the future, this site comes with the following guarantee:

If I at any time decides to discontinue adding new content regularly, this will be notified at least 12 months in advance.

One-Time Price - Really? Why?

I understand your wariness.

Too many times, memberships have been sold with a hefty one-time price, never to be updated again.

This really is a special pre-launch offer, and I have no plans of ever offering a one-time price for The Marketer's Stash ever again.

And - I'll be totally up-front about what's in this for me. First of all, it let's me recoup some of the startup costs I've had putting this together. Second, I get members inside to test out everything. Third, I'll be able to get some feedback about what's working and what's not.

Is there any difference between the one-time offer and the monthly one?

Well, the glaring, obvious difference is in the money paid.

The one-time payment offer is just that. Pay once and have access to the site for as long as it lives. With monthly payment, you pay a smaller price each and every month you want to remain a member.

But, as for the content you get access to - there's no difference at all between the two payment models.

What about that Cool Feature regarding the monthly offer?

Glad you asked.

I totally get it - perhaps you're anxious about splashing out a large amount on something you haven't seen yet.

For this pre-launch offer (and only for this), I will guarantee you, that if you get started with the monthly offer, then at any time (even in a year) you would like to change it over to a one-time purchase - you can do so at the same price as seen above.

Just send me an email, and I'll send you a payment link for $67 (and I'll even deduct $1 for each month you've been a member so far).

And if you choose this option within your first month of membership - I'll deduct the full $7.95 (so you'll only have to pay the difference of $59.05)

Coming Features? What Coming Features?

Well, some of these features are in the early planning-stages, and might be some time away from implementation, but among the things coming in 2024 are:

  • Bite-sized lessons from Master Marketers
  • Resell Rights Products
  • Guaranteed Affiliate Approval
  • Hands-free WordPress Management
  • ... And lots more