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"Ultimate ChatGPT Prompt for Affiliates" report

Great to see that you're interested in rebranding this report. Your followers will thank you for the great information inside, and you will be able to earn commissions since the report promotes The Marketer's Stash too. Please follow the following steps:

1) If you're not yet approved to promote The Marketer's Stash, we need to get out of the way first. Please Go Here to request approval - in the comments field, please write your Stash email-address to ensure guaranteed approval. (And please allow up to 24 hours for approval - most time this will be quicker though)

2) Before rebranding, you need 2 pieces of information - your affiliate link (which you get from WarriorPlus once you're approved), and the name you wish to appear in the report. You can either use your name, or the business name you normally use.

3) Now take your affiliate link, and remove the part that says (which leaves you with a text-string that starts something like "o2/a/xx", This string (everything but what you've removed) is what you need to enter as your affiliate-link in the form below. 

4) Now, for the fun part. Fill out the form below with your information and hit the Rebrand button - the rebranding will start, and once it's done, your download should start automatically.

Important: Before giving away the report, please check the 2 links inside. (They're on the last page of the report - the image is a link, and the underlined text below it too). If your links are OK, they should take you to the sales page for The Marketer's Stash.

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