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News, Changes and Additions to The Stash

February 21: Added the Deliverability Maestro course into the Video Courses section. Lots of things happening behind the scenes (so to speak), so expect to see a lot of more stuff appearing soon.

February 8: My Brand New report Awaken Your Inner Warrior - a step-by-step guide to selling your products on the WarriorPlus platform - has been added on the Products page. Rebrandable version coming up - probably over the weekend.

February 5: There was a bug, where the logout option did not log out correctly. This was due to a problem with the integration between ThriveThemes and ProductDyno. This has been worked around (with excellent help from the respective support desks). The logout menuitem now opens a popup that lets you logout correctly.

February 1: Added new DFY Email Series: Content Raiders Volume 1

January 30: Added Rebranding option for the Ultimate ChatGPT Prompt for Affiliates on the Products page.

January 26: Added the Getting Started with Canva course into the Video Courses section.

January 22: Incorporated the Bluecollar Marketers AI School into The Stash, so you can now switch between The Stash and The AI School in the Site-menu above.

January 16: Added 2 new AI-related reports to the Products section: Becoming an AI Whisperer and The Ultimate ChatGPT Prompt for Affilites (2024 edition).

January 12: Added new Video Course: Content Marketing Champion.

January 1: Added new DFY Email Series: A Thousand in 30 from A to Z.