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DFY Email Sequences

Below, you will find an ever-expanding gold-mine of great DFY content, ready to put directly into your autoresponders. Exquisite email series, that aim to both teach and entertain your subscribers, getting them eager to open up your next email.

BUT - to really set yourself apart, use these emails as a starting point, adapting them to your own style and tone-of-voice, enhance them with insights and experiences of your own, to attain even greater succes.

Either way, every month I will add another series for you.

February 2025

Getting Ideas for Content (whether it is for emails, blog posts, products or anything else) can seem like the most daunting task in online marketing.

But fret not - this series will show you a host of easy-to-use methods that you can show to your subscribers (and perhaps learn a thing or three yourself too).

January 2025

Well, the title of this one more or less says it all.

You will find 26 different methods spread out over 14 emails. Of course, none of the methods are very detailed, so there's your opportunity to either sell your own courses or point your subscribers towards great affiliate products.

December 2023

Traffic is the lifeblood of anything you do online. Don't just show your subscribers all the old, wellknown sources - these 14 emails dives into the little known instead

November 2023

Teach your subscribers the art of true storytelling with these 20 masterfully scripted emails, themselves stories in their own way