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The Coaching Series

The coaching series is delivered through an email list, which you can sign up for below.

It is also the only part of The Stash that will not disappear, if at any point you should decide not to continue your subscription. Now, I could try to play that off as coming from the goodness of my heart (and don't get me wrong - I do believe that the goodness of our hearts is an essential ingredient in having a better world manifest one day), but I do have ulterior motives, and I also do believe that ulterior motives should be spoken out loud. Otherwise they tend to fester and become quite ugly.

In short, keeping a little part of The Stash out there with you, even if you chose to end your membership, is also a reminder for you of the very existence of said Stash. And, since every Coaching Series page will have a link back to The Stash. Well, I reckon you see what I'm getting at. :-)

All that being said - do sign up below, and you will receive the first part of the series right after you've confirmed your email address. And then a new part each and every week after that. (And should you choose to not want any more installments, you can of course opt out at any time).

(Do be advised, that I will be sending promotional email to that list also - fair warning).