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This section can be considered the protein-repository of the AI Marketing School.

You will find a constantly growing collection of great video-courses that will teach you about many aspects of AI and how to use it in your marketing.

Please dive in for some brain-nourishment - and remember: don't just consume the content. Use it to experiment on your own with gettting the most of AI

ChatGPT Masterclass

In this hands-on presentation, we show you the steps to take (and some prompts to use) in order to use ChatGPT as the main vehicle for creating a salespage for an information product.

Prompt Engineering Playbook

When using generative AI, the most important part of all will be the prompt.

A prompt is basically the question you ask the AI. And as with everything, the exact question you ask will play a major role in determining which reply you get.

So, it stands to reason, that being able to write prompts that are specific and to the point is of great importance. And in this course we'll take you through the process of creating great prompts that will give you the answers you are looking for.

AI Marketing with Jasper

Tools like ChatGPT (and all it's close cousins) are of course somewhat generic, all-purpose, which can be great if your needs are many and diverse. But that can also be confusing and involve a rather steep learning-curve.

In this case, a tool like could be the perfect way to get your feet wet in a less overwhelming, more focused environment.

This course shows you the ins and outs of Jasper, and gives you a good insight into whether this tool could be of use to you.

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