AI Marketing School – Stash Version – Bluecollar Marketers

Welcome to the AI Marketing School

I'm so happy to see you here, because that means you've decided to take the promise of AI serious. You've decided to disregard all the shiny objects that promises to "do all the work for you" (while doing nothing much at all), and instead invest in your own learning and understanding of what YOU can do with AI.

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Now, start learning below :-)

Introductory material

We've prepared this section for you, if you've got no idea what the heck AI is all about, or if you're in any way unsure as to what you will be able to use it for in your business.

Video courses

Here, you will find more advanced and more focused video courses that will teach you how to use specific aspects of AI or specific tools to further your goals in your business.


Prefer to read?

We've assembled a selection of books you can read right here on the site - or download to read offline, if that's what you prefer.

News (upcoming)

Nothing here for now - but this section will contain up-to-date and relevant news about AI and AI-supported marketing

Tips & Tricks (upcoming)

Nothing here for now - but this section will contain bite-sized and focused tips & tricks

Prompts (upcoming)

Nothing here for now - but this section will contain examples of great and well-functioning prompts.


Step right in to an ever-growing collection of AI-based software solutions to use in your day-to-day marketing efforts


Very soon this section will contain a growing list of all kinds of AI-related tools and services


Explanations for a lot of the technical jargon which surrounds the world of artificial intelligence.

Art & Images

A collection of cool and great examples of AI-generated Art and Images, along with the prompts used to create them.