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Introduction and a little bit about mindset

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Dive in and establish a profitable niche to become an authority in

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Premium course 3. Longevity Test

Will your niche stand the test of time. Find out in lesson 3.

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Premium course 4. Authority Test

Now, the niche can stand the test of time - but can you?

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Premium course 5. Competition Test

Now, let's spy out what the competition are doing

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Premium course 6. Product Test

Find out if there are enough products for you to sell to your customers

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Premium course 7. Topic Generation

Now it's time to come up with topics to write about

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Premium course 8. Blog Post Creation

You've got your topics - now it's time to create some blog posts

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Premium course 9. Blogging Platforms

Finally, it's time to look into which platform to use for your blog

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