Week 5 - Foundations Part 3

So - if you've been following along and doing your assignments, you've gone quite a long way during the last couple of weeks. Getting your premium giveaway product done, created a squeeze page, gotten into the habit of writing daily emails, and even created your first for-sale product.

Now - this week we're heading into perilous territory. From conversations with many, many would-be marketers, I know for a fact, that the most dreaded thing - perhaps the single thing responsible for most marketers not succeeding and/or giving up - is writing sales pages.

Now, personally I think the way Sean lays it out in this session is the single-most easily digestible and understandable way I have ever heard writing sales copy explained. Ever. Follow his directions, and you'll have your first salespage written in practically no time. Then, after that, heed everything else he says, and in the months and years to come you will continue to hone your sales copy skills and let them take you to further heights.

And - this one's on me (I really don't know what Sean thinks of Star Wars ;-) ) - as the great Yoda says "There is no try - Just do

Bonus Q&A Session

Again, Sean held a short Q&A session when first recording this session - and I think a lot of his answers could benefit anyone struggling a bit.  So - if you're in any way confused about anything in the regular session, check out this Q&A.