Week 4 - Foundations Part 2

Did you get your giveaway product created after last weeks session? If not - it might be best to spend some time sorting that assigment out before continuing on. After all: Talk - Action = Zero... And be sure to let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Still here? I'll take that as a "Yes Morten. I made a fantastic giveaway product, and I'm SO ready to continue on this journey"! Excellent.

Today Sean starts off by laying out what is in the process ahead. Because it is a process - it's not something that happens overnight, and that IS a crucial understanding to have...

Then, diving into the main topics for the day, he will walk you through how to create an optin-page for the giveaway product that was the assignment for the last part. The optin-page is your first assignment for this week.

The second one is starting writing email broadcasts for your new list. And of course, Sean has a lot of advice on exactly how you actually do this.

And the third one is related to your very own first product! Sounds intimidating? Well, Sean has your back on this one too!

OH - and be sure to pay heed to the assignment Sean gives you. Use his guiding points to create the best giveaway you can. And - if you like - feel free to send it to me, if you would like my feedback...

Bonus Q&A Session

Sean held a short Q&A session when first recording this session - and I think there's some great takeaways to be had from this one. So - if you're in any way confused about anything in the regular session, check out this Q&A.