Week 3 - Deep and Stable Foundations

OK - things are about to get very real.

This week, Sean will be showing you some tough love - but done in a perfectly respectful and empathic way.

A mind-altering session, this one, which will be looking at - among other things - finding out about what is really critical for the success of your business, and how to approach them. In fact, what Sean will emphasize is, that all the other stuff - that which is not critical - you should STOP doing immediately. And of course he will tell you why :-)

At the end of this lesson, you will know - as in really know - what information marketing is all about, and you will feel invigorated, motivated, and ready to put some action into things!

OH - and be sure to pay heed to the assignment Sean gives you. Use his guiding points to create the best giveaway you can. And - if you like - feel free to send it to me, if you would like my feedback...