Week 1 - Complete Business Model

Welcome, dear friend, to the start of your new life.

You're about to embark on a journey. A journey, where the stuff Sean will tell you will probably be somewhat different from most of what you've heard from the ordinary snake-oil sellers in the IM field. But don't worry - Sean is the real deal. He genuinely believes in doing ethical marketing, instead of cutting the moral corners. Something I find completely refreshing.

This first week, Sean will outline the foundation for how a business selling information online should look.

I encourage you to take out some old-fashioned pen-and-paper (or a notepad program, if that's your thing) and take a lot of notes when listening to this (and the upcoming) lesson. That way, you will get a better grasp of what you are taught. Also, do write down any questions you feel are left unanswered, and feel free to send them to me. Part of the package is your ability to go over this, that, and everything with me via email. Just hit reply on the email that sent you to this lesson - that way I'll know which lesson we're dealing with :-) 

Here are links to the books Sean mentions during the lesson:

Bonus - Coaching call with Mandy

In this short call, Sean guides Mandy through some ethical problems she's having with the model she's currently using. This is actually some really profound messaging that could help you overcome some of your own boundaries.