So, get ready for a wild ride. Below, you will find access to the first of what will surely be a steadily growing collection of software products, which you can access free-of-charge as a part of your membership here at the Bluecollar Marketers' AI School.

Now - two caveats - while the access to the software is free, there might be charges for it's use, either in the form of external charges for API-use (such as when using your own OpenAI API-code for ChatGPT access) or in the form of a credit-based system for using specific resources in the software. This will of course be fully described for each of the softwares below.

And - second - you will of course lose access to each software if you cancel your membership of the Bluecollar Marketers' AI School.

The Quill - The easiest ebook creator around

With The Quill you'll get access to a super-easy system for using ChatGPT to create full e-books (for the time being with up to 20 chapters of up to 2,000 words each).

If you have already registered an account at The Quill, click the login-button below - you'll be taken to the login-page in a new tab.

If not - click the register button to register your account (you'll only need to do this once).

Please Note: For the time being, you will need to supply your own OpenAI API-code to be able to use The Quill