If you're unsure about exactly what AI is, what it means for the present and future of marketing, and how to get started implementing all this cool new stuff...

You're in the right place. We've collected some nice courses and texts for you to sink your teeth into

AI in Marketing

How in the world can AI help in your marketing efforts at all?

This short introduction touches on a number of places AI can be of a game-changing help in you daily work as a marketer.

We hope, after checking out this, you'll both have a better understanding about the applications of AI and feel inspired to dive a lot deeper into using these tools in your efforts.

From Bots to Sales (ebook)

From Bots To Sales

Get Better Results with Marketing using AI (videos)

Prompts - What are Prompts?!

What are prompts, what role do they play when using AI in content creation, and how do you use them most effectively.

Prompts are the very foundation of every interaction with what goes under the common heading of AI. It's how you tell the machines under the hood exactly what it is you want them to deliver to you.

This short introduction course lays out the fundamentals for you. (And there is a lot more about prompts in the other sections of this site, whenever you're ready to move on)

AI Prompt Wizardry (ebook)

AI Prompt Wizardry

Introduction to AI Prompts (videos)

AI-Generated Images

Perhaps the most immediately alluring part of AI content generation is images.

Because images takes time and/or money, and the process can be somewhat involved and tedious.

What if - all you had to do was type text into a box and your images was created for you?

Breaking Boundaries with AI-Generated Images (ebook)

Breaking Boundaries with AI-Generated Images

Boost Your Branding with AI-Generated Images (videos)

AI-Generated Videos

Video marketing is probably the hardest branch of online marketing to get started in.

It can seem completely overwhelming to even consider getting your feet wet creating marketing videos.

So - what if we could simply outsource the whole thing to AI?

The Power of AI in Video Marketing (ebook)

The Power of AI in Video Marketing

Unleashing the Future of Video Marketing (videos)


It makes really good sense to consider using machine learning resources whenever a task is either very time-consuming or very specialized.

So - SEO is of course a prime candidate, since it is both. This section looks into some of the ways this can be accomplished

The SEO Marketer’s Guide to AI (ebook)

The SEO Marketer’s Guide to AI

Better SEO Results with AI (videos)

Introduction to ChatGPT

ChatGPT by OpenAI is by far the most talked-about (and probably also the most used) AI-tool on the market.

So, to get you started on your path toward AI-excellency, here is an introduction to using this program. What you learn here, will also enable you to better understand and use all the other engines and programs out there.

This course is a bit longer than the other introductions here - so it's been split into 4 parts below.

Part 1 - Getting Started

Part 2 - Generating Ideas

Part 3 - Checks & Balances

Part 4 - Tying up the Ends